Rights and Responsibilities of Employees in Ontario

Getting a job is one of the top goals of newcomers to Canada. Employment means financial stability, professional fulfilment and connecting to your community.
Before starting work, it is important to understand some basics; rules, regulations, and laws. These are in place to protect and support every Canadian in their workplace. They aim to ensure that working conditions are fair, safe, and equitable.

The What, How and Why of Targeted Resumes

Are you thinking about leaping into entrepreneurship and self-employment? With the right support in place, self-employment is a highly viable option for newcomers to Canada. Instead of spending 40-plus hours of your week contributing to someone else’s company, you could be using that time to create your own business—allowing you to set your schedule and make your own decisions while still generating an income.

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Ontario’s Job Market & Recent Job Trends

The job market has vastly changed in the last couple of years due to the impact of the pandemic, creating new job opportunities, increasing the demand for some professions, and decreasing demand in others. It has changed how service providers deliver their services, significantly increasing virtual delivery models.