Finding Labour Market Information

Deciding on the best career path to take in Canada? Labour market information can help you decide when you want to change jobs or move to a new place. It can help you find out what the labour market is like for that job or that city. In this webinar, we will discuss how to…

Living and Working in Biggar, SK

Being less than an hour’s drive to two major cities and an international airport, Town of Biggar is an attractive location for young families and entrepreneurs in Saskatchewan. Biggar is home to industry leaders like Rack Petroleum, AGI Envirotank, Prairie Malt, APA Archery and E-Kay Enterprises. It also provides amenities to support everyday living, among…

Discover Campbell River, BC

Located in British Columbia, Campbell River is a beautiful community on Vancouver Island that has a variety of growing industries with a focus on agri- foods, clean energy development, construction, creative industries, forestry, fishing, health care, international education, mining, technology, and tourism. Join the North Island Employment and City of Campbell River to learn about…

A Letter to Newcomers: From A Quebecois Newcomer Coordinator

I grew up dealing with dusty surfaces and hot weather, so moving to Québec City was a huge adjustment! It is the opposite here, from the temperatures, the geography (no ocean beach), the language, customs, etc. Even though I thought I was ready for this significant change, it proved more challenging when I arrived. I soon learned that having as much information as possible is essential for a smooth settling into your new city.

Hispanic woman confidently smiling

Transitioning Careers as an Option for Newcomers in Canada

There is more than one reason why workers want to change their careers. You could be thinking changing your career to pursue your true passion; maybe you are looking for a change or perhaps you are moving to a new country in which your skills set needs to be reassessed and evaluated to make sure that they are compliant with the regulations at your new workplace and to guarantee your safety and the safety of the people who surround you at work and the public who depend on your services.