COVID-19 Update – Effective 03/20/2020

We have received a lot of inquiries concerning the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and we take those concerns very seriously. In an effort to support your safe and healthy settlement in Canada, please find FAQs and related resources below:

  • Can I still enter Canada? 

Currently the Canadian government has banned incoming travel from all foreign nationals, except those coming from the United States. Citizens and Permanent Residents can still enter the country. Information from the Canadian Government can be found here.

  • What if I only have a CoPR or a visa? Can I enter Canada?

UPDATED(03/20/2020): If you had been approved for permanent residence before the travel restrictions were announced on March 16th, 2020, you are exampted from the travel restrictions. Details of update on exemptions to travel restristions can be found here.

If you were approved for premanment residence after the travel restrictions were announced on March 16th, 2020, please contact IRCC through their web form for more information.

  • I’m unable to land in Canada before my documents expire, what should I do?

If your PR application has been approved but you can’t travel to Canada before your documents expire, contact IRCC to let them know via their webform.

  • Will I have to self-isolate once I arrive in Canada?

The government of Canada is now asking all individuals entering Canada to self-isolate for 14 days. Information can be found on this webpage under “self-isolation.”

  • What should I expect at the airport? Is there a screening process?

At this time we do not have information about what to expect at Canadian airports, however the government has provided travel advice .

  • Because my estimated arrival date has changed, can I still use pre-arrival services? 

All our services will continue to be available to our clients as long as they have PR status. Please remember to update your “estimated arrival date” on our platform, as accounts become deactivated after 3 months of inactivity. Refer to our website for updates and information.

  • Can I still do a soft landing? 

At this time the Canadian government is discouraging all non-essential travel. We suggest you review the government’s travel advice before making any decisions.

If you have any other questions or concerns please refer to the following government resources:

Corona virus overview – Government of Canada
IRCC special measures
IRCC contact webform
Travel Advice – Government of Canada

Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA):