Next Stop Canada wants to say: Thank You!

It’s October, the leaves are changing colours, the weather is getting cooler and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Sometimes we forget to stop and give thanks for what we have so this year the Next Stop Canada team wants to share with you why they are thankful:

“I’m thankful for having the opportunity to serve pre-arrivals! Reflecting back on my own experience I can imagine how important it is to prepare ahead of time in order to move to another country.”

– Sarita, eNIC Information and Referral Specialist

“I am thankful for having the chance to be in a position where I can also reach out to the Syrian population, and serve them in a way that will help them with their transition to their new community in Canada, and help them succeed in their new life.”

– Louis, YPALS Specialist

“As an immigrant myself, I can relate to the hardships new immigrants will encounter, this is why I am thankful to have the opportunity to help others prepare before arriving to Canada.”

– Alexandra, eNIC Information and Referral Specialist

“I’m thankful to be given the opportunity to serve our community and have the opportunity to meet and help so many wonderful people that will be calling Canada their new home.”

– Candy, YPALS Program Coordinator

“I’m thankful for the 25 youth YPALS Mentors who work hard at helping, supporting and advising pre-arrival youth on their journey to Canada.”

– Nina, YPALS Specialist

“I’m thankful that newcomers trust us to provide them with information during such a huge transitional period in their lives.”

– Jaskaran, eNIC Information and Referral Specialist

“I’m thankful for being able to use the newest technology to help newcomers in a more efficient and convenient way!”

– Pony, eNIC Program Coordinator

“I’m thankful for having the opportunity to help and support newcomers in their resettlement process in this beautiful country and witness their success.”

– Reza, eNIC Information and Referral Specialist

“I’m thankful to be able to help newcomers learn and discover more about their new country.”

– Maria, eNIC Information and Referral Specialist

Next Stop Canada Member

Romit Bhalla

Romit Bhalla arrived to Canada one month ago after using Next Stop Canada’s pre-arrival services. Equipped with a post graduate degree in economic management and policy from the University of Strathclyde and a Bachelor of Commerce from Panjab University he is ready to begin looking for a job in his field. Although he has over six years of experience as a business consultant, after using our program his expectations of finding a job upon landing has changed. Romit notes a few differences from India’s hiring process and the Canadian one, most notably the fact that resumes and cover letters must be tailored for every job. He stated that watching our video on “Resume, Cover Letter, Interview” really helped him prepare for this difference. He urges all pre-arrival immigrants to use Next Stop Canada to better prepare for their move to Canada.

Mentor's Story

Maria Delgado

Meet Maria Delgado, Manager of Newcomer Training Programs at Collège Boréal in Toronto. Maria was born in Colombia and is fluent in Spanish, French and English. Maria settled in Toronto after living in Montreal for five years. She is also a mentor for the eNIC program. As a mentor, she provides guidance and employment related advice on various topics. Throughout the years Maria has been involved in her community, an opportunity which has allowed her to understand the changing needs of newcomers. There are many things Maria wishes she had known before arriving to Canada, one thing she advises pre-arrivals to do is learn about employment opportunities and “soft” skills needed for the workplace. This will give newcomers a head start in their job search.

To read more about Maria, please check out our blog.

Sepehr Bozorgi

Meet Sepehr, one of 25 YPALS mentors, who supports pre-arrival youth on their journey to Canada. Sepehr came to Canada from Iran two years ago at the age of 15. His first experience in Canada was with the Newcomer Youth Leadership Development (NYLD) program at the YMCA of Greater Toronto. There, he was able to learn all about Canadian culture, make new friends, and practice his English. Sepehr is an outstanding YPALS Mentor and works very hard to support pre-arrival youth by creating stories and videos about his settlement experiences.

Sepehr’s #1 Settlement Tip: ‘If you are not sure of something when you arrive, don’t be afraid to ask someone. There are always people who are happy to help you.’

Next Stop Canada in Action!

Reaching New Heights with LinkedIn

Next Stop Canada had the pleasure of attending LinkedIn’s Youth Connect conference where we met the keynote speaker Peter Sloly. After 27 years as a member of the Toronto Police, Peter Sloly made a major career change to an Executive Director for Deloitte. Sloly immigrated to Toronto, Canada from Jamaica at the age of ten. After joining a soccer team in his neighbourhood of Scarborough he quickly learned the importance of building a professional network. It was one individual that would make a difference in Sloly’s life, a police officer who approached him during a soccer game and told him about volunteer opportunities within the Police Department. Sloly emphasized how taking on new challenges is fundamental if one wants to meet and connect to industry professionals. One way to do this, he says, is to use LinkedIn! This online business-orientated social networking service allows users to network with professionals, seek job opportunities and engage with an online community who have similar interests as them. Sloly also stressed how important it is to understand how transferable skills can help people reach new professional heights. In other words, don’t limit yourself based on your past job experiences, rather look at the skills you can bring to a company or organization. Looking at how Sloly successfully transitioned from policing to the business sector, it is safe to say he is a trusted source on the subject! Next Stop Canada invites you to join our LinkedIn page and take part of our professional social network, where you can find news, updates and build your connections.

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Lights, Camera, Action

The electronic Newcomer Information Centre (eNIC) is adding four new pre-recorded information sessions to the Next Stop Canada platform! After countless brainstorming sessions, writing multiple drafts, and recording the final product with digital video agency and creative production house Media One Creative, we are proud to present the following videos to our clients:

  • Programs and Services in the Greater Toronto Area: This video will orient newcomers to fun and exciting government funded programs and community services that will make their settlement process less stressful.
  • Housing and Transportation: Finding a place to live is a top priority for newcomers. This video provides tips on how to find short term or long term housing. Clients will also become familiar with various modes of transportation throughout the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Canada as a Nation: There are many interesting facts about Canada that newcomers will learn in this video, which discusses everything from the First Nations people to the current political system in Canada.
  • Discovering the Greater Toronto Area: There are many fun events and different ethnic communities that make up the Greater Toronto Area. This video will provide pre-arrivals an idea of what to expect before arriving to the region.
We would like to thank everyone at Media One Creative for their on-going support and commitment to making these settlement topics come to life. We look forward to creating more videos with them in the future!

Next Stop Canada visits the Office for Refugees

Due to the increasing number of Syrian refugees arriving to Canada, Next Stop Canada took the initiative to reach out to the resettlement agencies offering services that can help these newcomers transition into their new communities. Recently, Next Stop Canada had the opportunity to speak to a group of private sponsors at the Office for Refugees, Archdiocese of Toronto. There we discussed the challenges and difficulties that newcomers may go through post arrival, including finding employment and housing, learning the language, and adapting to Canadian culture. We also informed the sponsors about Next Stop Canada’s services and how we can help newcomers overcome these challenges.

We hope that through these workshops we are able to reach out to a large community of settlement agencies in the GTA and Canada, and educate them about our pre-arrival services. In return, newcomers will be better informed about life in Canada.

“I like that Next Stop Canada is a unique program that prepares and initiates success for immigrants and refugees before they come to Canada! I look forward to continuing spreading the word about their resources, so we can help prepare immigrants for a successful integration to the Canadian society”.

– Alexandra Whittle – Educator, Office for Refugees, Archdiocese of Toronto

Volunteering with Next Stop Canada

Abegail Gilo

Abegail Gilo is a Next Stop Canada volunteer, she was born in the Philippines and arrived to Canada in 2015. She heard about YMCA through some friends and wanted to be part of our volunteer program. As a newcomer herself, Abegail understands the needs of new immigrants, that’s why she decided to volunteer with Next Stop Canada. She believes in the program’s ability to provide pre-arrival information that can help new immigrants transition and adapt to their new country.

NSC: How has your experience been thus far?

Abegail: I am very impressed with how the Next Stop Canada team works. Since I started volunteering the whole team has been very supportive and kind.

NSC: Describe your volunteer experience in one word.

Abegail: Fulfilling. I’m very thankful to be a part of this program because I get to do what I have been dreaming of doing.

NSC: What are you thankful for?

Abegail: I am thankful for opportunities such as this because aside from self-fulfillment, I get to be a part of a program that can make a difference in the lives of many immigrants around the world.

Featured Partner

Global Experience Ontario (GEO)

Helping Internationally Trained Immigrants Work in their Field

By Global Experience Ontario

Global Experience Ontario (GEO) helps internationally-trained immigrants navigate the licensing process in the Province of Ontario.

Ontario welcomes about 100,000 new immigrants each year. Many have professional skills they would like to use once they arrive. Often they want to learn, before departure, how to become a licensed professional in their new home.

GEO is the information hub they need. Here, internationally-trained immigrants and service-providers access resources that help guide them through the process of certification and licensing in Ontario’s 16 non-health regulated professions and 22 compulsory skilled trades.

GEO provides a range of services and resources including:

  • Weekly profession-specific live webinars that can be accessed from anywhere in the world and that explain the licensing and registration processes for careers in engineering, accounting, social work, teaching, early childhood education and skilled trades;
  • Bilingual in-person, phone and online client services and advice;
  • Career maps for regulated professions, 22 fact sheets for skilled trades and other licensing resources;
  • Information on internship and mentorship programs;
  • Information on alternative careers;
  • Referrals to community, employment, language training and immigration services; and
  • Training workshops for employment and settlement service-providers.

GEO, established by the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, led by the Honourable Laura Albanese, partners with pre-arrival services such as Next Stop Canada so internationally-trained immigrants can learn about how to become a licensed professional in Ontario before their departure.

To access GEO’s resources, services and workshops visit or email for more information.

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